Larch: the logit architect

see: documentation, source code

This is a tool for the estimation and application of logit-based discrete choice models. It is designed to integrate with NumPy and facilitate fast processing of linear models. If you want to estimate non-linear models, try Biogeme, which is more flexible in form and can be used for almost any model structure. If you don’t know what the difference is, you probably want to start with linear models.

This project is very much under development. There are plenty of undocumented functions and features; use them at your own risk. Undocumented features may be non-functional, not rigorously tested, deprecated or removed without notice in a future version. If a function or method is documented, it is intended to be stable in future updates.


see: source code

This is a simple Python module for Mac OS X that will help keep your system from going to sleep. It may be useful while long-running computational tasks are running.